Friday, March 11, 2011

Getting Motivated

I have been thinking about what motivates me to budget and what I might be able to tell you that will help you to stay motivated.

What made me motivated at first was that we didn't have enough money so I new that I needed to be on top of  it so we didn't get in trouble.

Now that we aren't wondering where the next paycheck is coming from I am trying to pay debt and build savings.  Again so we don't get into financial trouble.

What if you don't have debt, you are making decent money, how can you become motivated?

Start playing the what if game.
What if I lost my job and couldn't find one that made as much money?
What if one of us had a serious illness would it break us?
What if there was a natural disaster do I have money saved so I can find shelter and food for my family?
What if (this I think about sometimes) my husband became disabled and I had to work, I am not going to make as much as he does.
What if we can't find renters?
What if my job can't pay my tuition bill?
What if what happened to my sister and her husband happens to us?

I don't want you to become worried I want you to become prepared.  Have faith if you do what you can Heavenly Father will take care of the rest.  Talk with your spouse make some goals. Saving a little goes a long way.

Debt can come on unexpectedly having savings will save you from the burden of going into debt.  If you budget you will make sure that you save because you are accounting for your spending.

I am a firm believer that Heavenly Father blesses us each but also teaches us as well.  Each one of us will have financially hard times and financially easier times.  Be prepared, and be smart with your money you will feel at peace.

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