Thursday, June 9, 2011

Credit Report Update

It is finally figured out.  We received word back from the three agencies saying that everything was ours but they gave us a updated phone number so we could actually call about it.  We have paid off the amount even though we still feel that there was an error on the companies part put the company won't talk to us because they closed our account.  We are just happy to get it off of our record and are thankful that it really wasn't very much money.

There was somethings that we did wrong.  We had thought we had changed the address for this credit card and I guess that we didn't.  Second when the bill didn't come I should have done some more investigation so this wouldn't happen.

It is funny in this day and age that they said they couldn't find us.  No bill not even from the collections agency?

Check your credit report and don't feel bad if there is something on it, it happens sometime just get it taken care of sooner then later.  I would love to hear about your stories so please leave a comment.